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The Responsive Innovation Fund (RIF) is a component of the NSLIC/NSELRED project in the form of a grant to assist regional governments and/or local institutions in developing innovative ways to improve their work (e.g. more efficient processes, new ways to deliver services, sharing resources with other regions, or using tools and technology to address constraints of distance, access, etc.) ultimately for the benefit of the community.

RIF is aimed at providing technical assistance to governmental and non-governmental institutions, cooperatives, SMEs, village-owned businesses in selected regions from Indonesia’s 39 Economic Growth Centers to develop and implement new ideas, methods, and practices to improve the development of public service, business services and public-private partnerships. The aforementioned programs are expected to support sustainable, gender-responsive, environmentally friendly local economic development inclusive of good governance principles.

The program runs from 2017 to 2021 in three phases.