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Title of project: Integrated Agro-business Based on Tourism and Local Wisdoms in the NIKOSAKE Area, Tabanan. NIKOSAKE is the abbreviation of NIRA, KOPI, SALAK, and KELAPA (Palm sugar, coffee, snake fruit, coconut)

The innovation proposed by Tabanan Regency is the management of various agriculture products i.e. coffee, coconut, snake fruit, palm sugar and agro-tourism. Activities will be focused on the transformation from the conventional way of products processing to the modern technology processing and marketing. The objectives of the project are: 1) to create new job opportunities for the local people; 2) to improve the products’ quality and quantity; 3) to reach broader markets by the e – marketing system.

The project will involve all community’s elements and provide job opportunities for both men and women. Especially for women, to involve the Women’s Farmers Groups in the production and management including marketing. It is expected that the project will contribute to the reduction of poor households in Tabanan, open job opportunities for local communities, increase the numbers of marketing centers, increase competitiveness of Tabanan towards other areas in Bali and outside Bali, and increase the income of the local community.

Target beneficiaries: farmers groups, tourism groups, village – owned enterprises

Partners: Local Government of Tabanan Regency, village – owned enterprises

Duration: 12 months

RIF Budget: IDR. 1 billion.   

Other budget source: IDR. 510.000.000       

Total: 1.510.000.000


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